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Takeuchi-Naoko.com Credits

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Designers and Admin

Hitsuji- Administrator, owner, head of website. NOT Takeuchi-sensei! Takes care of all things related directly to Takeuchi-sensei, including profile and Punch! series. She upkeeps the pages without website designers and delegates tasks. She provided the majority of the information for Celestial Luminary. She knows some Japanese, and does light translation where necessary. Also owner of http://www.involuntaryart.com/

Evy- Head Website Designer for The Cherry Project. Owner of http://www.otakuacademy.org/

Ilsevet Waterborn- Owner of Moon Garden, and the website designer of Miss Rain and the Togashi Shrine.

Mako-chan Designer of PQ Angels. Previous Graphics Designer of Celestial Luminary when she has time. Owner of Otakugirls dot Com (with another person), fan fiction writer.

Dessa- Owner of her own site, graphic temporary homepage designer for Codename wa Sailor V.

Emily Nester- Previous owner of The Unofficial Naoko Takeuchi Homepage (before people plageraised it). Contributor of those contents to the site. (Anything that looks like hers, probably was hers.) She contributed a fair amount of pictures and some info to the site.

Nishi Rajan- Supporter of Takeuchi-sensei. Owner of the Naoko Takeuchi Mailing List. Owner of Usagi and Mamoru dot com. Designer for Maria.

Spirit-hime- Designer for Toki Meka.

Cold Jade- Designer of Prism Time and owner of http://street-angel.net/

Agnetha- Designer of Love Witch.

Website Designer Assistant/ Helper

Tokyo Angelus- Big fan and supporter of Takeuchi-sensei, donator of scans, gatherer of information.

Honorary Membership

Takeuchi-sensei (of course)
Petit Ouji
Any of Takeuchi-sensei's relations
Any of the Takeuchi-sensei Manga Team
Takeuchi-sensei's Friends
Alex Glover for his wonderful translations http://www.kurozuki.com/takeuchi
Emily Nester for her wonderful and extensive contributions to the site.